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A blow by blow account of Tiger 131, from manufacture through capture in Tunisia, return to the United Kingdom, to the restoration project by The Tank Museum at Bovington.

The Journal was started in November 1999. It gives a step by step account of the restoration project, and provides an amazing insight into the history of Tiger 131.

The pages have been added to over a four year period and the account contains fifty pages, with well over 150 photographs, providing an interesting read
and an invaluable resource.
01/12/03: The Saga Ends:
Final page added

A pictorial history of Tiger Tanks, from early plans and prototypes through to action and propaganda photos.

Most of the photographs displayed on this Web Site can be purchased by mail-order from the Tank Museum shop. This section allows us to pick out further excellent examples that prove popular with both historians & modeling enthusiasts throughout the world.
The latest news
on Tiger 131
Tiger back at Tank Museum !

The Tiger Tank has returned to the Tank Museum after its engine refit by ABRO.


Future Developments
The main project is over, the Tiger is restored to running order and back on display, but it is not complete and probably never will be. Unless, that is, you can help ?
Tiger 131 (Tank Museum photo No 5913/F/6)
Tank Museum photo No 5913/F/6
You see good as it looks the Tiger still lacks a lot of fittings, most of which are very hard to get, but we can try. Top of the list would undoubtedly be a radio, the FuG5 set, and among other items those little pouches for MG34 ammunition- if we can obtain one we could possibly get others made. So, this is a general appeal for all Tiger enthusiasts to keep their eyes open and spot whatever is available. If you care to purchase and donate it that would be perfect but mainly we need to know about it. If you don't find anything but still want to help we are always grateful for financial donations; the main appeal may have finished but the project will never entirely end until every last detail is complete.

As a registered charity we are very appreciative of any donation, large or small. If you feel you are able to assist financially please print off the donation form, complete the details & send it with your donation to:-
The Finance Department, The Tank Museum, Bovington, Dorset, BH20 6JG.
Have you visited our Fundraising Page ?
If you are able to assist us with a more substantial donation or wish to speak to someone further please contact:
Tank Museum Fundraising Manager,
Tel: 01929-462529 or
If you are able to offer assistance other than financial please contact:
David Willey - Curator,
Tel: 01929-405070 or
(Cheques payable to Tank Museum please)
(The Tank Museum is able to accept an international money order, which can be obtained through your bank.)
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Tank Museum photo 2399/C/2

Tank Museum photo 2395/F/5

Tank Museum photo 0966/A/6
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