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My friend Brian Baxter, from the REME Museum of Technology at Arborfield,
called to say that they had some old Tiger documents to dispose of.

Expecting to see something familiar I called in a few weeks ago and received quite a shock.

The documents consisted of
no less than nine volumes comprising a detailed Metallurgical Report on the Tiger Gearbox and Steering Unit, compiled by Armstrong-Siddeley Motors Ltd. of Coventry, one of the classic names of the British motor industry.
The report is so detailed
that there is no point in
attempting to summarise it here
and in any case the detail is far more
than most people are ever likely to need.

However there is no harm in showing
a few of the better photographs
and to begin with (above) the gearbox.

The photo above shows what
it looks like opened up,
viewing from the opposite end,

while to the left is a similar angle
on a steering unit.

None of these photographs have yet been copied, but prints can be supplied if required.

Whether this will be of any relevance to the restoration project remains to be seen
but it is a remarkable addition to the library and
we are most grateful to the Director of the REME Museum for permitting us to have them.

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